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Athena Women’s Clinic

We are a small team dedicated to providing quality healthcare to women and children. We provide care to all without the need for a referral. We are a private-billing medical practice.

Athena Women’s Clinic

Our Services

Cervical screenings (or pap smears) can detect the HPV virus in the cervix early and regular testing can help prevent cervical cancer from developing. Book your screening with us.


We provide personalised contraception counselling to help you choose the best option for your needs. We offer follow-up care and prioritise your comfort during any procedures.

Gut Health

Athena Women’s Clinic provides tailored advice to improve your gut health. We are linked with Microba, the leading experts in gut health analysis via stool sample.

We investigate potential causes of infertility for those worried about or struggling with conceiving. We help you to understand diagnostic tests and treatment options.

Iron Infusions

Our iron infusion services are safe for pregnant women and can help improve energy levels and overall health. Find out how Athena Women’s Clinic can help.

Preconception Care

Planning a family? Preconception care helps to improve pregnancy outcomes and the health of mother and baby. It includes lifestyle counselling, genetic counselling, and vaccinations.

Menopause Management

We offer personalised advice and and therapy to help patients manage the physical and emotional changes associated with menopause.

Sexual Health Checks

Athena Women’s Clinic offers a non-judgmental, safe, confidential, and supportive environment for patients to receive sexual health checks, to test for STIs.

Termination of Pregnancy

 We offer medical guidance and discuss your options as part of the supportive care offered by the clinic. Our aim is to make you feel safe and supported.


We provide immunisation and vaccinations services, and information to help you make informed decisions about vaccination.

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Online appointments are available via the HotDoc website or mobile app.

An appointment conveniently minimises wait times for our clinic and patients. Please advise us if there are any changes to your appointments as we can serve others in need. For bookings sooner, or amendments, please contact us on (08) 6116 1285

Please be aware that we are a private billing practice. For more information on possible out-of-pocket costs, please give us a call.

Walk-ins are generally not encouraged at Athena. Please call prior and we may be able to accommodate on the day,
depending on the category or urgency. Home visits are only provided after prior arrangements with the client.

DNA Policy: If you are unable to attend your appointment, for any reason, please contact the surgery at least 1hr prior to your booking. Late cancellations and/or failure to attend will result in a $20.00 cancellation fee payable prior to any further bookings.

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