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Awaken your body’s natural healing response with the

Inmode Empower RF

Through pregnancy, childbirth and as you age, your pelvic and vaginal health needs change. Whatever life stage you’re up to, our treatments may help you feel more like yourself again. 

What is Empower RF?

Meet the Empower RF, state-of-the-art wellness technology created by medical professionals, scientists and engineers. By harnessing the most innovative micro-needling, radio frequency (RF) energy and laser technology the Empower RF provides treatments for all stages of life.

The Empower RF is powerful enough you may start to see improvements after just one treatment session, and adaptable enough to be used across all areas of your body.

How does it work?

Empower RF

Treatments target common conditions of the reproductive and urinary areas, often caused by hormonal changes – perhaps brought on by pregnancy or menopause. All treatments can be delivered in our clinic. The Empower RF may help:

Individual results can vary.

The Empower RF system combines the power of micro-needling with radio frequency for a powerful treatment experience.



Small, sterile needles create tiny punctures in the top layer of skin activating your body’s natural healing response. The tiny punctures channel radio frequency energy in to your skin’s deeper layers.

This stimulates collagen production and the growth of new cells, which may give your skin a fresh, youthful glow.

RF energy

Radio frequency energy

Radio frequency energy penetrates deeper layers of skin. This energy encourages the production of skin solving substances like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These substances help your skin feel smooth, firm and supple.

EmpowerRF uses a special device that creates microchannels in the skin with tiny needles and then delivers bipolar RF energy through those channels.

How may the Empower RF help me?

The Empower RF treatment system supports a variety of pelvic health disorders affecting women. If you are suffering from any of these common conditions, make an appointment to learn more about how the Empower RF system may help you.

Urinary incontinence

Loss of bladder control

  • Loss of bladder control, or incontinence affects one in three women who have had a baby.
  • A third of women who experience incontinence say they avoid exercise, sex and travelling.
  • Incontinence can be caused by pregnancy and birth, or as a symptom of ageing.

Genitourinary syndrome of-menopause

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)

  • Menopause is a natural process women go through, and there are a variety of symptoms that come with it.
  • You may experience changes to the way your vagina looks on the outside; your labia majora and minora or clitoral hood will change shape. Or you may experience internal changes; dryness, irritation and frequent urinary tract infections.

Sexual function

Discomfort during intercourse

  • Discomfort during sex may be a result of changes to your vagina after giving birth, or may be brought on by hormonal changes like menopause.
  • You may enjoy sex less because you are conscious of how your vulva looks or because your vagina is no longer lubricating naturally.

Sexual function

External aesthetics

  • The skin of the labia majora and minora changes with age as does the size and shape of other external parts of the female genitalia, like the clitoris.

Aesthetic needs

Weakened pelvic floor

  • A weak pelvic floor can cause issues with bladder and bowel control.
  • It might also cause pain during intercourse.
  • Child birth and age are both common causes of weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Ageing skin

  • Skin changes as we age and experience life. We develop cellulite, stretchmarks, scars or our skin simply becomes softer around some areas.

Introducing the EmpowerRF system

Morpheus8 & 8V


We can activate your body’s natural healing response using the Morpheus8 device, one part of the Empower RF system. To do this, small, sterile needles create tiny punctures in the top layer of skin. Your body responds to these miniature injuries by activating your its natural healing response. 

The Morpheus8 goes a step further in skin rejuvenation by using radio frequency energy to penetrate deep into tiny punctures in the skin, reducing wrinkles and encouraging collagen production. 

Benefits of Morpheus8 micro-needling treatment:

  • Can be used on any part of the body, including the inside and outside of the vagina
  • May reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars 
  • May help to tighten sagging or wrinkly skin, for example around the vulva, stomach or knees
  • Helps to improve blood circulation to the area for increased sensation during intercourse 
  • Encourages collagen production 
  • May help to increase vaginal lubrication.
 Individual results can vary.

Morpheus 8
Any areas that can benefit from skin renewal. Lower and upper eyelid, smile lines, forehead, cheeks. Virtually any areas that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scars.
Morpheus 8 V
Intravaginal and outside the vagina (intimate areas) using a special intravaginal handpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will vary depending on your individual needs and desired outcomes. Usually, between one and three treatments. We also recommend maintenance treatments every 12-18 months.

Your skin is constantly rejuvenating, even if it has slowed down with age. After the treatment, it will take four weeks for new collagen and elastin to fully form. For a month after your treatment, rejuvenation will continue deep into the subcutaneous layer of tissue.

Your skin may remain refreshed for up to three months after treatment. Individual results can vary.

We will work with you to make sure you feel minimal pain throughout any of our treatments. We use prescription grade numbing cream and offer “happy gas” to support you through your treatment and alleviate any anxiety or discomfort you may feel.

For most people, the downtime is minimal perhaps a day and sometimes up to a week. There is usually swelling, redness and possible bruising to the treated area. 

We will provide you with the best products to support in your recovery and apply to the area to reduce swelling.

The Morpheus8 is a one of a kind machine. The needle depth can be adjusted to customise each treatment for your specific concern. Adjusting the needle depth means we can target specific skin conditions like stretch marks, deep wrinkles, skin laxity, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, crepey skin, jowls and pore size.


Fat reduction and skin tightening

The Aviva skin tightening treatment may improve the appearance of the vulva by firming the skin of the labia, without invasive surgery. The Aviva, as part of the Empower RF system, uses heat technology to tighten the skin of the labia minora, labia majora and clitoral hood. The treatment can be completely customised to your needs. 

Benefits of the Aviva skin tightening:

  • Helps to tighten and improve the appearance of the labia
  • Encourages collagen production
  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • Takes only 20 minutes
  • Minimally-invasive treatment – no needles or scalpels required.  
 Individual results can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will vary depending on your individual needs and desired outcomes. For most people, only one treatment session is required.

A maximum of 20 minutes.

We will work with you to minimise any discomfort you may experience. For this treatment, we recommend a local anaesthetic for your comfort.

Usually up to three days, but you may experience redness for up to a week after treatment.


Internal vaginal rejuvenation

During significant life stages, like post-partum or  peri- and post-menopause, the vagina changes both physically and hormonally. The FormaV helps to restore the health of your vagina using deep heat. Each treatment can be customised to your individual and unique needs. 

Benefits of the FormaV rejuvenation treatments: 

  • May help reduce swelling 
  • Helps to relieve pain 
  • Supports wound healing 
  • Helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 
 Individual results can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment takes only a few minutes.

This treatment is almost pain free, however you may experience some discomfort.

This therapeutic treatment needs no recovery time.


Pelvic floor muscle stimulation and strengthening

The VTone is a powerful yet gentle device that uses Electric Muscle Simulation (EMS).  During treatment, a small wand is inserted into the vaginal canal that deploys gentle, uniformed heat and energy to stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, in a similar way to Kegel exercises, but without the effort. 

Benefits of VTone internal vaginal rejuvenation treatments: 

  • Helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • May improve blood circulation
  • Helps to reduce instances of loss of bladder control. 

Electric Muscle Simulation (EMS) technology can also be used to strengthen weakened muscles around the tummy, arms, legs and bottom. Individual results can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend six sessions every one to three weeks. Once this series is complete, we recommend maintenance treatments, depending on your individual needs. 

Each treatment is between 20 and 30 minutes.

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