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Gut Health

Gut microbiome refers to the microorganisms living in the  intestines. Some are harmful but the majority are necessary for a healthy body. They help in reducing the risk of diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Why gut health is important

A healthy gut is linked to a healthy immune system, improved mental health and other systemic conditions related to the heart and gut itself.

Various factors like high stress levels, poor sleep, eating highly processed food or indiscrete use of antibiotics can all affect gut biome. This in turn can result in abnormal function of the immune system and endocrine system which may manifest in women as polycystic ovarian syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and infertility.

Gut Health Microba
Microba Gut Health Analysis

How we can help

Athena Women’s Clinic is linked with Microba, the leading experts in gut health analysis via stool sample. Based on the results of your analysis, we provide tailored dietary advice to naturally alter gut biome, which helps to improve general health and wellbeing.

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