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What to Expect at a Sexual Health Checkup

It is important to pay attention to your sexual health if you are sexually active. The best way to do this is through regular sexual health checkups from either doctor or sexual health nurse.

What to expect?

If you are involved in unprotected sex or think you have symptoms, you can consult your gynecologist. You might feel nervous at the first visit regarding the questions your doctor will ask and the test that will be carried out. You must keep in mind that the staff involved at the doctor’s clinic is friendly and understands your concern- they have seen and done such work many times.

Wherever you go, you can expect:

  • Testing, free advice, and treatment
  • Friendly and calm environment
  • All conversations will be done in a private room

What will be asked?

The first step will be the conversation between you and the doctor. They will ask you about the kind of sex you have, whether you are worried about any symptoms or about your sexual partner. Your professional will also ask you about your menstrual cycle and the use of any contraception. Such conversations will be done informally and hence a great opportunity for you to ask any questions to the sexual health expert.

How test will be conducted?

Based on the answers you give to the doctor, you may need to give various samples. There are lots of incorrect stories about sexual health samples that you might have heard, but mostly you will be asked to give some quick samples which are painless and can be taken privately. In case of issues with penis discharge, your healthcare provider will take a particular swab for the test. Usually, swabs are cotton buds that are smaller and rounded in size.

  • Urine sample
  • Swab which you can take by yourself (throat, low vaginal or anal)-based on the sex you had.
  • Blood test for hepatitis B and C or syphilis is for some people at risk.
  • Swabs which your healthcare provider takes (urethral, high vaginal) – are uncommon tests for people with specific symptoms.

Will the doctor do an examination?

Many people hesitate to do STI check as they fear physical examination. But if you don’t have any symptoms, then probably your doctor will don’t do any physical examination. In case of symptoms like rashes, bumps, or lumps, then it’s better to have an expert physical examination. Initially, some people may hesitate for such examinations, but knowing the answer to your problem instead of worrying about it constantly outweighs that feeling.
You can choose among male or female doctors to be comfortable in front of the professional.

Who should undergo an STI check up?

If you are sexually active, then it is advised to do a check up for sexual transmitted diseases. You can also go for such a test if:

  • You have started a new relationship
  • Couples have decided not to use a condom or any other barrier during intercourse.
  • Your partner cheats on you
  • You have symptoms that give you an indication of any sexually transmitted disease.

If you are in a long-term relationship with your partner, and both of you have been tested before coming up in the relationship, then you don’t need to undergo STI check up.

Seek advice from a doctor.

If you have gone for regular physical or sexual health checkups, never assume your doctor will advise STI tests. Many doctors don’t go for such tests regularly. You must ask your doctor about the STI test, which one is advisable for you, and why.

You should never hesitate while talking about your sexual health. You must talk with your doctor if you are worried about any disease or symptom. Talk with him honestly for faster treatment of your problem. In the case of pregnancy, it is important to have an STI test in a reputed women’s health centre as it may affect the uterus. Also, if someone sexually assaults you, you must undergo such a test from a trained professional.

What to expect if you have STI health check?

After proper treatment, you will get relief from your infection. Some people may need lifelong medications for STIs. Also, it is possible to get the same infection again once it goes away. Some may feel ashamed of STIs, but it is a common problem, and many people suffer from it. If you are under stress due to STI, then try to speak about it with your friend, family members, or any mental health professional.

Question you must ask to doctor before STI treatment

To conclude, if you are sexually active and have got STI, then you can ask below questions to your doctor:

  • How to prevent STI?
  • Will you get any complication in future because of STI?
  • Should you be checked regularly for STI?
  • Should your partner be checked?
  • Treatment you require for STI
  • When you will be completely cured?
  • Will there be any side effects of treatment?
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